Meet Ambrianna

I’m Ambrianna Echols, better known as Ambrianna Mua in the beauty world. My love for all things beauty has taken me to many levels which I couldn’t have imagined. My passion for makeup and art dates back to early childhood before I even had an idea what would be to come. I remember learning to draw watching an old show “Pappis Land” before school where the main character “Pappi” would teach young children/viewers to draw animals and characters by using simple shapes. From then on my strength and talent with my hands was getting me noticed from all of my peers from artwork in elementary, to drawing bubble letter name tags in middle school to Advanced art and Realism in High School. I bet you’re wondering how did makeup come into play? Well makeup is art and I’ve always been a girlie girl. I’ve always been the one to get dolled up whenever I go so I would take my grandmas foundation ( even though it was a few shades lighter) and wear it with pride . I eventually found interest in the art of eye shadow and would watch countless YouTube tutorials and follow pictorials on Pinterest to create numerous looks. My clientele grew tremendously from doing my own makeup for fun and posting it on Facebook around 2015-2016. From then on with much practice , passion, and consistency I now service close to 2,000 clients per year. Ambri Cosmetics is my personal cosmetics line which I launched in 2021 that I plan to expand and have several collections for different purposes and themes. I have worked hard to find a cruelty and vegan friendly product line that not only provided quality , but fits my cute and girly personality . I find peace in creating beauty and embracing the art within it. I love helping others feel beautiful and embrace their beauty. I have a footprint on YouTube , a platform on Instagram , TikTok and plan to expand to Pinterest and other growing platforms . Not only is makeup, beauty, and art a passion it’s an escape when I’m overwhelmed with mental illness such as anxiety and depression. I will continue to be an advocate to finding your definition of beauty whether it be natural makeup looks or bold and bright to fit your personality . After all Ambri Cosmetics is all about living life in Beauty Mode🥰.

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